What is UI/UX design? beginner tips in 2021

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First of all welcome to UI/UX design fundamentals. Here my role to be you on this journey and it’s my pleasure to introducing on my passions to you that’s user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

In this blog you will learn the basics of UI and UX designs. My mission is to helps to you build a solid foundation of knowledge and gives you more confidence when making design decisions.

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So, let’s get started with basics of UI and UX designs.

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1. What is UI design?

UI design is stand for ‘User Interface design’. Which focus on the looks and layouts.

“User Interface design or User Interface engineering is the design of user interface for machine and software, such as computer, home applications, mobile devices and other electronics with the focus on maximizing useability and the user experience.” – WIKIPEDIA

The UI designer is to design all the screen through a user will move and create the visual details and their respective properties that simplify this movement.

2. What are UI skills needed to UI designers?

Normally, UI designer have experience with responsive visual interface design, blueprints (chart), framework systems, visual echelons, colour theory, convenience, typography and A & B testing.

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3. What is UX design?

UX design is stand for ‘User Experience design’. Which focus on how to something works.

“User Experience design is the process of supporting user behaviour through usability, usefulness and desirability provided in the interaction with a product.” - WIKIPEDIA

The UX designer is concerned with the whole process of achieve and coordinate a product. Including aspect of design, function, branding and usability. It is a myth that begins before the device is even in the users’ hands.

2. What are UX skills needed to UX designers?

Generally, a UX designers conduct users research, test with user and sell, write and design UX copy, give the design solutions to the businesses. The role of UX designers to be the voice of user and backer for users needs while balancing the business ambitions.

Key points:

UI – User Interface

Work area - Responsive designs, blueprints, frameworks, colour theory, typography, convenience

UX – User Experience

Work area – Coordinate with product, branding usability, Write UX copy, balancing between user and business goal

At the last I advise to you to do internship to start your career. Now when it come to your application and interview process you need to your portfolio will be the main talking point in this industry. This will be see in my next blog.

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